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Ambarella Introduces CV22 4K SoC with CVflow™ Computer Vision Architecture

New CV22 SoC targets intelligent security, automotive, drone and wearable cameras


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High Performance 5.1 Megapixel Imaging Solution for High-End Security Camera Applications

High resolution AR0521 delivers high frame rate and improved low-light sensitivity with high dynamic range

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Ambarella Introduces the S5L Family of 4K SoCs for Professional, Consumer and Battery-Powered IP Security Cameras

New S5L 14nm SoCs offer quad-core CPUs for advanced analytics with extremely low power

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Ambarella Introduces Automotive Multi-Camera Electronic Mirror and Surround View SoCs

New Ambarella A9AQ SoC to Power Latest Gentex Three-Camera Vision System

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Ambarella Introduces 8K Ultra HD SoCs for Virtual Reality and Drone Cameras

Ambarella H3 SoC delivers 8K Ultra HD at 30 frames per second and 4K Ultra HD at 120 frames per second

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Ambarella Introduces H22, a 4K Ultra HD SoC for the Next Generation of Drones and Sports Cameras

New 14nm SoC delivers 4Kp60 Ultra HD video, 4K Image Stabilization, and 4K High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing with very low power


360° Surround View
Low-Power, HD-Video Coder and Image Processing SoCs for Broadcasting Applications and Security IP-Cameras up to 4k x 4k, Ready-to-Use Linux based SDK, Tools & Applications.
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Ambarella S5 IP Camera SoC Delivers 4K 10-bit H.265 Video and Multi-Imager Capabilities to the Professional Surveillance Industry

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Ambarella Introduces Low Power 4K Ultra HD SoCs for Sports and Flying Cameras

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Ambarella S3L SoC Delivers H.265 Benefits for Home Moniforing and Mainstream Professional IP Cameras