Synapticon GmbH, established in 2010, is a young embedded systems company based in Stuttgart, Germany, with of offices in Redwood City, California, and Belgrade, Serbia. Their mission is to rethink and deliver solutions for embedded computing and control systems to improve the future progression of robotics, industrial automation, special machinery, electric vehicles and the internet of things.


Synapticon DYNARC is a complete hardware and software platform to create cyber-physical systems. It enables developers of cyber-physical systems to easily configure, build and program a distributed computer for fully integrated actuator control, sensor data acquisition and high bandwidth data processing. It includes:

  • OBLAC Tools for system design and distributed software development.
  • SOMANET Modules for R&D, rapid prototyping and small series products.
  • SOMANET Chips for custom solutions and mass products.



Synapticon-OBLAC_0.jpgSynapticon OBLAC Tool integrates embedded systems with the cloud. The OBLAC/IDE is an innovative and productive web-based development environment
to con gure systems, develop software, deploy and maintain DYNARC hardware modules.

Using OBLAC/IDE, developers can quickly con gure and build any type of distributed system for real-time control and sensor processing applications. Visual editors enable to plan ahead complex, distributed software architectures and to instantly start using the DYNARC platform, without needing to read pages of documentation.


Synapticon-module_0.jpgFor the prototyping of real-time control systems, SOMANET hardware nodes can be con gured by choosing from a range of processor, communication and local interface modules. Each module comes with a rich software package, enabling you to focus on your core application from day one.

The SOMANET modules are suited for rapid prototyping and small batch series of sophisticated control solutions in robotics, automation, logistics, medical technology and e-mobility.


SOMANET Chips can be used to create custom, feature and cost-optimized designs for mass products.

Synapticon offers extremely powerful, low-cost System-on-Chips that integrate industrial-grade communication, sensor data acquisition and motor & motion control in a single device.


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