IMI's automotive camera modules are suitable for advanced driver assistance (ADAS) applications. They provide a digital video stream to an electronic control unit (ECU) which processes the data into information that aids in the operation of a motor vehicle.

The cameras are connected to the ECU through a coaxial cable. Power is delivered on the same conductor that is used to transmit video and control data between the ECU and the camera (power over coax or PoC). The lens and electronic components are housed in an enclosure with an integrated FAKRA connector for connection to the ECU wire harness. The camera module has a default configuration that is loaded on power up. The camera module can be reconfigured by the ECU through a bidirectional control channel after the default configuration has been loaded. The default configuration can be altered and stored in non-volatile memory provided for the purpose.

Key Features IMI_KameraHinten_0.jpg

  • Suitable for ADAS and mirror replacement application
  • Very small size : 20.5x 20.5 x 21.5 mm
  • Ultra lightweight (< 10 g excluding lens)
  • Adaptable to various types of lenses
  • Excellent thermal management performance
  • Perfect camera axis alignment.
  • Power over coax interface with multiplexed video stream and control channel
  • Internal MCU for camera initialization

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